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Tds necromancer boss

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Wary of a human apprentice, the Necromancer Boss cast a powerful love curse on him. Madly in love, the appetence's focus waned and his power too. When the apprentice's beloved perished, the apprentice gave his body to resurrect her..


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A review of necromancer boss hardcoreAll tds stks by Darkery so give him big credit.#tds #towerdefensesimulator #sticknodes #roblox.

The Beta Fallen Hero is a variant of the Fallen enemy that appears in The Heights waves of All-Out Mode Attack It is a deadly threat to your defenses due to its high health and high defense. It has above average speed. The Beta Fallen Hero has a black dominus and had 2 skulls on its shoulders, similar to the first version of the Necromancer. It had red menacing eyes,.


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